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Digital Microfilm Equipment





The ScanPro 2000 is the state-of-the-art universal format Microfilm Scanner with the ability to scan directly to PC and a  LAN Printer.

Ideal for local history and genealogical groups and libraries.

The ScanPro2000 can scan all microfilm formats including
  • Microfiche/Jackets
  • Aperture Cards.
  • 16 / 35 mm roll Microfilm
  • 16 mm M-Type Cartridges,
It comes standard with:
  • a single non-removable zoom lens from 7x-54x or 7x-105x
  • a full suite of image capture software tools
  • mono and enhanced grey scale scanning 
  • on-screen image maginfication
  • image masking/framing
  • high resolution scans in one second
3 basic configurations
  1. Fiche/Aperture Card carrier. (Standard)
  2. Standard carrier and motorised 16/35mm Roll film .
  3. All of the above plus 16mm M-Type cartridge capability.

It can also be factory fitted to scan micro opaques and micro print images with the addition of an extra inbuilt LED light source & appropriate software.
Roll film AutoScanning


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