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databankdecision™ Pty. Ltd. is our hosted on-line service.

There is no hardware to install or application software to buy, upgrade, support & maintain.

It enables your organization to manage, store, preserve, share and deliver its documents & files as well as digital assets (images, audio, video etc) whenever they’re needed to whoever is authorised to wherever they are.

A databank can be constructed with one or multiple vaults:

  • Each vault having mulitple search fields
  • An SQL database
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • 24x7 unlimited access
  • Up to 5 assignable levels of access privileges
  • Encrypted login & metadata
  • All user activity is logged for audit, evidentiary and compliance requirements
  • On-line document retention to meet statutory obligations subject to our usual terms
  • No fixed term contracts to sign. A monthly subscription.

Some clients while desiring to store their documents online within a password protected environment, also wish to make some of their files available for sale or to the public.

With this in mind we have created an optional community edition integrated with PAYPAL™.

For more information about databankdecision™ hosted services please click this link here.
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